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How to Check Email Via Webmail

You can access your email through any web browser at
Password: Your email password (different from your Cpanel password)

We offer three different webmail programs which you can use interchangeably: Horde, SquirrelMail, and RoundCube.

How to Check Email in Outlook or Other Software

(Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail or Mail for Mac OS X)

  1. Login to Cpanel with your username and password.
  2. In the "Mail" section, click the "Email Accounts" icon.
  3. For the desired account, click 'More', then click 'Configure Email Client'.
  4. Click the Auto-Configure link for your application. (Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mail users should choose one of the Microsoft Outlook Express options.)

Or to manually set up/edit your email access, use these settings:

Incoming Mail Server:
POP3: Use port 110 for non-SSL, or port 995 for SSL
IMAP: Use port 143 for non-SSL, or port 993 for SSL
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server:
SMTP: Use port 2525, or port 465 for SSL.
Check the box indicating your outgoing server requires authentication.
If these settings do not work for sending out email, please use the outgoing (SMTP) server provided by your ISP*.
Email Username: Your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS (
Email Password: Your email password (different from your Cpanel password)
Supported Incoming Mail Protocols: POP3, POP3S (SSL/TLS), IMAP, IMAPS (SSL/TLS)
Supported Outgoing Mail Protocols: SMTP, SMTPS (SSL/TLS)

*Although we provide an outgoing (SMTP) mail server, we do not guarantee that this server is accessible by your computer. For example, your internet service provider, anti-virus software, or computer settings may block usage of this server. In such cases, please use your ISP's outgoing mail server.

How to Check Email on Your iPhone/iPod

Click here for a tutorial on how to set up email on your iPhone or iPod!

Creating New Email Accounts

Cpanel: Email Accounts

You can set up unlimited email accounts in Cpanel.

  1. Login to Cpanel with your username and password.
  2. Click the Email Accounts icon in the Mail section.
  3. Type the first half of your email address in the first text field.
  4. Type the desired password twice. Never use a dictionary word as your password!
  5. Click "Create Account" and your new email account will be instantly active.

Hosting Account Control Panel

Hosting Account Cpanel

Many cool features are included with your Handmade Designs hosting account! Login to check them out.

Hit Reports

No need for a counter! We provide detailed charts and graphics to show who is visiting your website. Click the "AwStats" icon, then click the magnifying glass icon.

Spam Control

In the Mail section, click the "SpamAssassin" icon. Click the "Enable SpamAssassin" button.

Domain Names

If your domain is registered through us: You can access your domain here: Here you can change domain contact information (whois), name servers, etc.

To login, use the username and password indicated in the Hosting Account Information email we sent you when your hosting account was created. If you subsequently changed your domain password and forgotten it, you'll need to reset your password. We cannot look it up for you.

If your domain is registered through another company: You'll need to contact that company with any domain questions, such as updating contact information, name servers, renewing expired domain names, initiating domain transfers, etc.

To point your domain to our server, change your DNS (domain name servers) to:

Direct URL to your hosting account: It can take 24-48 hours for DNS changes to take effect. Until then, use the temporary link to view your website on our servers.

Updating Your Website

  • You can email your website updates to We bill in convenient 15-minute increments.
  • If you have regular, consistent updates, an admin system may be more cost-effective. We can set up admin pages for announcements, newsletters, membership directories, products, etc. Contact us for a free estimate.
  • To update your own website via FTP, use your domain name as the FTP server name, and the username/password provided in your Hosting Account Information email to login via FTP.

Hosting Account Renewals

Clients are responsible for paying to renew their hosting account at least one day prior to the expiration date, to ensure the account stays online without interruption. We are not responsible for loss of files, data, email, etc. when a customer does not pay for renewal before their account expiration date.

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